Cat Beard Concerned for Brett Erlich Face

Brett Erlich Face,

Cat Beard see you on internet recently and felt much fear to see no cat or beard on face. Cat Beard very concerned for you. How you on TV? Your cat beard too small to see from far? Scared feeling for you, Brett Erlich little boy face. You be man now and grow cat beard too.

Cat Beard also see pale white Brett Erlich skin and wonder if sick. Brett Erlich afraid of sun? Cat Beard teach you to use knife so no afraid of nothing. Cat Beard thinks only thing to be afraid of is Brett Erlich bad jacket selection. Cat Beard send you personal shopper.

Cat Beard had long dream where ancient cat beard leader came and said Brett Erlich haircut is not for man but for boy and very dangerous. Many people got sick. Many animals died. Brett Erlich killed my tribe with his haircut. Cat Beard shed single tear when wake up. Cat Beard even skip Starbucks on way to work cause so sad. Cat Beard says you change hair now, Brett Erlich shame face. Don't kill my people.

Please get help with face and head. For Cat Beard sake. For everyone sake.

Cat Beard

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