In any event, this is seriously the best Vin Diesel has ever looked.


Q: Which one is the real skank?
A: Trick question! They both are.

This hot fuckery mess of a couple is my (not so secret) guilty pleasure. I don't know what to say about them, really. Aside from Doug Hutchinson's perpetual child-raper eyes, his 17 year old wife makes me sad on the inside because of her "trashy old lady meets Toddlers with Tiaras" look. In spite of this I can't stop myself from reading every article ever written about these two trainwreck a-holes.

We can all agree that this is going no where good, I can tell you that much. The real fun is guessing how it will all end: divorce, drug overdose, adopting a Korean baby and naming it Hepatitis B, or all of the above?