Area Man Attempts to Redeem Coupon at Wrong Location, Notices Too Late

By Erika Schmidt

On Tuesday morning, local area man Jacob Smith attempted to redeem a coupon for a free bagel and coffee at the drive thru Dairy Donuts near his home, only to discover the offer was only valid at selected locations.

Smith claims he had the coupon for no more than 3 weeks yet admitted he never closely examined the content.

"My mistake now is obvious," Smith told the local authorities while shaking his head.

Upon arriving at the Dairy Donuts on the corner of Wilshire and Lexington, Smith ordered a small vanilla coffee and onion bagel with extra cream cheese.

"I guess I got a little carried away," Smith claimed in his first public appearance since the incident. "When they suggested I pick a flavor, I did so. I wasn't looking for argument. I simply wanted my free coffee and bagel. "

Smith said after being instructed to drive up to the first window, he searched for the coupon in his wallet. After handing the wrinkled coupon to the cashier, Smith described what happened next.

"The cashier looked it over and then curtly told me the coupon is only valid at the Wilshire and Washington location. I was stunned. The locations were within miles of each other. To make matters worse I remembered instantly I used my last $3 to buy that pack of gum at the store the night before. I realized the last 6 minutes waiting for my coffee and bagel had been a waste, and I was about to leave without either."

When questioned by authorities Smith admits to rarely having used coupons in the past.

"I'd say I've only gone through the process 2, maybe 3 times before, I'm no expert. Truthfully, the whole thing makes me sort of...uncomfortable."

Dairy Donuts refused to comment on this story but did refer us to their website where a copy of the coupon was made available.

"I guess this just isn't the sort of thing you think will happen to you," Smith explains, "I mean you hear it happening to other people, a friend of a friend, but never to you. It just really hit home. It's enough to turn you into a tea drinker for life."

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